Gòtic-The Band

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The record (vinyl) Escenes of 1978 reedited as a CD, revised and remastered by the band. Includes booklet and original pictures.

In 2023 the band has approved this new edition. Check the
Escenes page!
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1977: Rafa, Martí, Jep, Vilaprinyó
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Canet Rock 1978: Agustí, Vilaprinyó, Rafa, Eugeni i Martí

This is the website edited and revised by the musicians of Gòtic during 2023. You will find the history and information about Gòtic, the legendary musical group that formed in Barcelona in the 70s. Their activity lasted a few years, between 1970 and 1978. They published a single album, "Escenes", recorded in 1977, published in 1978. Over the years, that first "long-play" has become an icon of symphonic and progressive rock, almost an object of worship.

You will find in these pages the news concerning the release of the second album of the band, recorded in 1977 , which was never published due the lack of interest of the recording label at the time.
The group now recovered the tapes, digitized and remastered them with the invaluable help of the original engineers, Enric Català and Jordi Vidal, preparing a special edition for those who, back in 1978, loved the music of Gòtic. Visit the Gegants i serpentines page to learn more!!
“I tu que ho veies tot tan fàcil” - From “Escenes” record - 1977